Light Switch Repair & Installation in Spokane

When the lights go out, we realize how dependent we are on modern lighting. Thanks to ever-improving technology, electrical lighting is convenient and safer. Easy Electric’s professional electricians can update your home’s lighting to the latest technologies or repair your existing fixtures. 

Light Switch Repair and Installation

Many types of switches are available, including toggle, dimmer, motion-activated, selector, photo-electric, and smart switches. One of our local electricians can explain the pros and cons of various light switches, make recommendations, and perform repairs and installations. 

Toggle Switches

These standard switches work by flipping the toggle up or down. They come in a variety of colors. Easy Electric electricians have these on hand.

Push-Button Switches

Push-button switches are the second-most popular type of light switch. They work by pushing the top or bottom of the switch to control the light. Our electricians also keep these on hand. These switches are commonly installed in bathrooms, with one side of a double switch controlling the lights and the other controlling the fan. Push-button switches come in a variety of colors and are easy to install.

Dimmer Switches

Dimmer switches are useful in rooms where bright lights aren’t always needed or desired. These switches allow you to set your lighting level at an appropriate level. Dimmer switches typically come in slide switch or round knob models. Easy Electric electricians can recommend specific bulbs and dimmer switches to match the brightness level you want in a room. 

Motion-Activated Switches

Exterior entrances, garages, and porches benefit from motion-activated switches. You can also enjoy motion-activated switch technology inside your home. A sensor on the switch will detect a person entering the room and turn on the lights. These features add convenience as well as safety to your home.  

Sound-Activated Switches

Sound-activated switches are ideal for family members who are limited in their movements. These switches respond to sound and can be easily installed in any part of your home by an Easy Electric electrician. 

Selector Switches

A selector switch has different settings that allow you to control various functions of the lights. The switch is usually set up in a circular pattern, and you toggle from one selection to the next. Selector switches offer two or more settings and are often used with color-changing lights. 

Photo-Electric Switches

A photo-electric switch works by automatically turning on lights at night. These are commonly found on front porches or lamp posts and can be easily installed by one of our electricians.

Smart Switches

A smart home speaker or a phone app can control modern smart switches. Some smart switches can be connected to other light fixtures in your home. Others work with smart devices and smart lights.

Smart lights can control colors and brightness. For example, a user can set a room to full brightness at a specific time of day. Our electricians can explain the latest smart technology and make recommendations before updating your home.