Spokane Electrical Panel Service

Are you having trouble with your electrical panel?  Then you need professional electrical panel service in Spokane WA.  Easy Electric is the skilled and experienced electrical contractor that is here to help with the full range of electrical services.  We pride ourselves on giving every customer the same careful service we give our own homes. We have the experience and expertise to handle all your Spokane electrical panel service needs.



There are a number of signs that you may need Spokane electrical panel service. Some of these include:

• Electrical outlets or switches that are warm to the touch

• Frequently tripped circuits

• Malfunctioning appliances


Our electrical panel service in Spokane WA will assess all these and more.


Repair Versus Replacement

Once we have in inspected your panel, we can determine what type of Spokane electrical panel service you need.  It may be that your issues are limited to one or a few individual circuits.  If so, we may only need to replace those individual breakers.  Or, if the problems are more widespread, you may need a brand new panel.  If you have an older panel, you may need to upgrade to safer, now required, AFCI breakers.  AFCI, or Arc-Fault Circuit Interrupters, are breakers that monitor the circuit to prevent electrical arcing, a major cause of house fires.  AFCI breakers have been required since 1999.  If your panel was installed before that, it likely does not have these safer breakers. Our electrical panel service in Spokane WA will do everything needed to make your panel, and your electrical system as a whole, safe and reliable.



For Electrical panel service in Spokane WA, choose Easy Electric!  Our “customer first” commitment means that we will give you exceptional service at a fair price—every time.  Whether you need Spokane electrical panel service for your home or your commercial property, Easy Electric puts you first.


If it’s time for electrical panel service in Spokane WA, call us for an estimate at 509-714-8627.  Let us get started with your Spokane electrical panel service today!