Professional Electrical Services in Valleyford, Washington

A dependable and smooth operating electricity is integral to any risk-free and happy household. Here at our service center, our goal is to make sure that your home will be at its best state. We have technicians and specialists available on-call every day of the week, day and night, no matter what time it is to make sure that you don’t have to spend another minute in the dark. Services such as electrical installation, replacement, inspection and repair are provided by our dedicated licensed professionals.

Electrical Outlet Installation

You need power outlets and power switches throughout the household. What people don’t know is that these outlets and switches can be a potential hazard. So we highly recommend your properties undergo Electrical Safety Check to ensure your safety inside your home or business.

With the passage of time, plugs and switches connections can become loose with usage, posing potential danger. You have a big problem if you feel that a switch or a plug is warm to the touch as this is not normal. A discoloration is an indicator of intensifying troubles which signals time for consulting our assured and licensed electricians.

Electrical Panel Installation

In many older homes, it is not uncommon to find outdated electrical systems. Check your panel. If they’re still using fuses then you need to stop reading and start scheduling for a panel upgrade estimate now. If your house is over 25 years old and hasn’t had a panel upgrade ever since, call us now for an estimate.

Your modern lifestyle uses more power from the electrical grid than ever before. Huge screen TVs, high output appliances, high-end computers, all of which need more power than older machines could provide efficiently. Usually, older electrical panels don’t get upgraded until an issue shows up.

Indicators that you need an upgraded panel:

  • Additional 220v circuit
  • New construction or new appliances
  • Existing non-grounded outlets and wiring
  • Circuit surge
  • Lights or bulbs flickering
  • Tripping breakers or blown fuses
  • Crackling or buzzing sounds from the electrical panel
  • Scorching or discoloration of electrical panel
  • Use of multiple extension cords
  • Addition of a hot tub or a sauna
  • Use of high-load electrical equipment
  • The recent addition of a sub-panel
  • Required accommodation for a home generator
  • Need higher Amp incoming Service

First, our trained professional electricians will inspect your panel. He’ll take the time to consider the amount of power you use and decide if you need a new one. Then, he will explain to you what your upgrade options are. Like all of our other services, we won’t start work until we have your approval for our estimate.

Lighting Repair Services

Just how much are you secure from the harm induced by power surges and thunderbolts? The reality remains that house insurance programs usually do not screen one from power surges and thunderbolts. From 2004 to 2013, the average cost per claim rose 122% according to the National Fire Protection Association, making the new average $5,869. This is why it is important that you have our team of experts protect you from potential power and lightning surge.

Contact Our Team

Make a booking for a check of your power system by our squad of qualified electricians. They will compile a report recommending certain ways to provide surge protection for your home’s electrical system. It will cost you only an instant to plan this significant analytic check. On the flip side, a short while is all it requires for a surge to accumulate pocket draining impairments and the choice, however, is yours to make.