Professional Electrical Services in Palouse, Washington

A dependable and smooth operating electricity is integral to any risk-free and happy household. We want to make sure your house is in its best position only¬†at our service center. We have technicians and specialists available on-call every day of the week, day and night, no matter what time it is to make sure that you don’t have to spend another minute in the dark. Our team of specialized and fully qualified professionals deliver everything from installation, replacement, inspection, and electrical repair services.

Electrical Outlet Installation

Electrical outlets and switches are one of the most used items at home. But these powerful items can be potentially dangerous. These are the reasons why we urge you to have an electrical safety check on your house or office performed by our team of expert electricians.

As the years go by, connections to plugs and switches loosen, creating potentially hazardous situations. Any switch or plug that feels warm when you touch it is a likely problem to be dealt with. Another sign is discoloration, which signals it’s time to call our capable, licensed electricians to address the problem.

Electrical Panel Installation

In many older homes, electrical systems are usually outdated and in need of a good overhaul. If your panel still utilizes fuses, immediately take a reading break and book a panel upgrade estimate. If your electrical panel hasn’t been replaced in the past two decades, set a schedule for an estimate today.

Your modern way of life demands more power from an electrical grid than ever before. High-power appliances, huge televisions, and large utilities found in homes all require more power than older systems can provide safely. In fact, typical electrical panels aren’t upgraded until a problem has been identified.

Indicators that you need an upgraded panel:

  • Required accommodation for a home generator
  • The recent addition of a sub-panel
  • Use of high-load electrical equipment
  • Addition of a hot tub or a sauna
  • Tripping breakers or blown fuses
  • Circuit surge
  • Lights or bulbs flickering
  • Crackling or buzzing sounds from the electrical panel
  • Scorching or discoloration of electrical panel
  • Use of multiple extension cords
  • Existing non-grounded outlets and wiring
  • New construction or new appliances
  • Additional 220v circuit
  • Need higher Amp incoming Service

The first step we take is sending our team of trained electricians to review your power use with your panel. He’ll take the time to consider the amount of power you use and decide if you need a new one. If replacement is appropriate, our electrician will discuss your upgrade options with you. Like any of our other services, we’re not going to start the job before you support our estimate.

Lighting Repair Services

Do you feel safe from the damage caused by power surges and lightning strikes? Because the truth is, standard home insurance plans normally do not include either power surges or lightning strikes. The average cost per claim rose a total of 122% from 2004-2013, making the new average $5,869, according to the National Fire Protection Association. This is reason enough to look into power and lighting surge protection from our group of professionals.

Contact Our Team

Make an appointment with our squad of qualified electrical engineers for a checkup of your power system. They will go through everything and will prepare a very comprehensive list of things you can do to help optimize your home’s electrical system, as well as provide for proper protection. This important evaluation can be scheduled in just a few minutes. But it takes even less time for a surge to cause expensive damages and the decision is yours.