Otis Orchards Electrical Companies

Are you looking for electrical companies in Otis Orchards WA to service your electrical system?  Do you need to install a new outlet?  Replace switches?  Update your electrical wiring?  Of all the Otis Orchards electrical companies to choose from, Easy Electric is here for you!  We treat each project, from the simplest repairs to the most extensive new construction work, with the same care we show our own homes.


Our Services

Otis Orchards electrical companies provide a wide range of services.  For example, at Easy Electric we inspect, repair, and install:

• Electrical panels and outlets

• Wiring

• Light fixtures and switches

• Updated lighting solutions


For all these and more, we are the choice among electrical companies in Otis Orchards WA.


Electrical Panels

One of the most vital specialized services that Otis Orchards electrical companies provide is repair and replacement of electrical panels.  All the electricity in your house comes through your electrical panel, so any problems with the panel can impact the safety of your home or commercial property.  Some of the indicators of potential electrical panel problems include switches or outlets that are warm to the touch, flickering lights, and strained appliances to name a few.  As electrical companies in Otis Orchards WA, Easy Electric can inspect your panel and wiring to locate and fix any problems you may have.  And if you have an older home with a fuse box, we can also update your electrical system with an electrical panel and increase the safety of you home.



Our “customer first” approach sets us apart from other electrical companies in Otis Orchards WA.  Our goal is to meet or exceed our customers’ high expectations with our prompt and expert service.  Among Otis Orchards electrical companies, Easy Electric provides the service you need at the right price.


For electrical companies in Otis Orchards WA, look no further than Easy Electric! For an estimate, call us today at 509-714-8627.  Let us get started as your choice of Otis Orchards electrical companies today!