Northside Electrical Panel Service

Are you having problems with your electrical panel?  Since the panel channels all the electricity in your house, problems here affect the safety of your whole home.  If it is malfunctioning, you need electrical panel service in Northside WA.  We at Easy Electric are the electrical contractors who can solve all of your Northside electrical panel service problems.  We know that the safety of your home is paramount to you, and so we give each project the same care we give our own homes.



You need Northside electrical panel service if you are noticing, for example:

• Frequently tripped circuits

• Electrical outlets or switches that are warm to the touch

• Burn marks on the electrical panel or outlets


Electrical panel service in Northside WA screens for all these and more.


Repair Or Replace?

Our initial inspection will determine what type of Northside electrical panel service you require.  If the problem is just a circuit or two, replacing those individual breakers may be all you need.  However, if the problem is more pervasive, your panel may need replacing.  And for older electrical panels, as well as any fuse box, it may be time to upgrade to the safer AFCI breakers.  Arc-Fault Circuit Interrupters are a type of breaker that monitors each circuit and stops electrical arcing, a common cause of fires.  AFCI breakers have been the standard since 1999.  If your panel is older, it likely does not have these safety features. Our electrical panel service in Northside WA will make the correct repairs or replacement to make your panel reliable and safe.


Our Distinctives

For Electrical panel service in Northside WA, Easy Electric is the right choice.  Our “customer first” approach is central to the way we do business.  We strive to give professional service at a fair price— each and every time.  When you need Northside electrical panel service, we put you first!


For electrical panel service in Northside WA, call Easy Electric at 509-714-8627 for an estimate.  Let us get started with your Northside electrical panel service and make your electricity safer and more reliable today!