Northside Electrical Contractors

When you experience problems with the electrical system in your home or commercial property, you need a Northside electrical contractor who can address all your electrical needs.   We help people with all their home electrical repair needs.  Easy Electric is one of the few electrical contractors in Northside WA who has the experience and responsiveness to get the job done right the first time.


Electrical Panel Repair Service

Electrical panel repairs aren’t something that many people think about, but your electric panel is the hub of all your electricity coming into your home.  Those panels were meant to perform to the standards of the day when your home was built, but modern appliances and electrical needs typically outpace the old electrical code. 


Easy Electric is a Northside electrical contractor that regularly inspects old electrical panels to meet today’s standards.  When we do our inspection on your electrical panel, we check to see if it needs circuit breaker updates or is bearing too much load.  If so, we can repair your electric panel or replace it if necessary. 


There are several warnings that tell us you are having electrical problems.  If you find that your switches or outlets are warm to the touch, or your circuit breakers trip often, or your appliances are not functioning properly, you probably should get your electric panel inspected.  Also, the fuse boxes in older homes can be outdated, and you should replace them with updated fuse boxes that are safer.  As electrical contractors in Northside WA, our greatest goal is to make your home or office safer and more efficient.


Other Electrical Services

As your Northside electrical contractors, we offer the full spectrum of electrical services for homeowners in the area:

• We replace old wiring and bring your wiring up to current code standards.

• We update lighting and install indoor or outdoor ceiling fans in homes.

• We install electric vehicle chargers in garages.

• We install new wiring for remodeled kitchens, sunrooms, and bathrooms.

We at Easy Electric are the electrical contractors in Northside WA who do the job right the first time, so you can take it easy!


Easy Electric’s Distinctives

Though there are several electrical contractors in Northside WA, we believe that we stand apart not only because of our expertise, but also because of our “customer first” approach to business.  We pledge ourselves to our customers promising to give  you our best service to surpass your expectations.  We will give you our expert service at a fair price.  We are Northside electrical contractors who are fully licensed and bonded to keep your home safely powered.


So, if you are looking for electrical contractors in Northside WA we would love to serve you!  Our phone number is 509-714-8627.  Call us as your Northside electrical contractors, and we will give you an estimate for your electrical needs.  We make it easy for you to get powered up again.