Mica Electrician Near Me

Electricity is what reliably makes our homes and offices go… until it doesn’t.  Are you having electrical problems?  Is an outlet burned out, a switch malfunctioning, or do you need help upgrading your lighting system?  Then you need professional help from an electrician near me in Mica WA.  Easy Electric is the qualified Mica electrician near me that is ready to serve you.  We are a full-service home and commercial electrical contractor.  Customers come to us with projects of all sizes, and we give each one the same careful service we show our own homes.


Services We Offer

A Mica electrician near me provides a number of vital electrical services.  At Easy Electric, we service:

• Light fixtures and switches

• Updated lighting solutions

• Electrical panels and outlets

• Wiring


We are the electrician near me in Mica WA that can handle all these and more.


Electrical Wiring

Often customers seek out a Mica electrician near me over concerns about their electrical wiring.  Since your wiring is the conduit for electricity to every room of your home, problems with the wiring cause safety hazards throughout your house.  There are a number of signs that your wiring may be defective, including flickering lights, outlets and switches that are hot to the touch, and outlets that spark.  We handle these types of problems every day, and Easy Electric is the electrician near me in Mica WA who can help with your wiring as well.


Our Distinctives

What sets us apart from any other electrician near me in Mica WA?  Our distinctive is our “customer first” approach to service.  We will meet your high expectations with our professional service—every time.  We are the Mica electrician near me who will give you the repairs and service you need at the right price.


Easy Electric is the electrician near me in Mica WA who will make your electrical system safe and reliable.  Call us at 509-714-8627 for an estimate, and let us get started as your Mica electrician near me today!