Mica Electrical Contractors

We at Easy Electric serve as the professional Mica electrical contractors with the skill and experience to solve all your electrical needs.  We train all our employees to make you and your needs priority one.  Our certified electricians are the ones to call if you need electrical contractors in Mica WA because we will treat your home with the care and attention to detail it deserves.


Wiring Repair and Upgrade

In Mica electrical contractors are often called upon to inspect electrical wiring.   Old electrical wiring and wiring that was not properly installed can lead to many safety hazards in your home.  These include annoying flickering lights, dangerous heat at outlets and switches that can start fires, and strain on your daily appliances.  Plus, if your system has ever had water damage, there can be rusted connection points which are also a fire hazard.  Our wiring inspection will identify any areas that may need to be repaired or replaced.  We will then provide the right wiring solution for your home.  As electrical contractors in Mica WA, our chief goal is to make your home or office safer and more efficient.


Other Electrical Contractor Services We Provide

As certified Mica electrical contractors, we provide a whole host of electrical repairs and maintenance for your property:

• We can inspect your wiring after a flood or water damage

• We can change out old fixtures to meet your style

• We run new electrical wiring for remodeling projects

• We can add outlets to a room or garage

When it comes to electrical contractors in Mica WA, we are a company that can all of the above and more!


What Makes Easy Electric Different

Our customers tell us that what sets us apart from other electrical contractors in Mica WA is our ability to meet the needs of our clients quickly and effectively.  Not only do we hire good people, but we make it our goal to continually train our team with the latest electrical requirements to give you power that is reliable and safe. 


When you are in search of quality, fast and reliable Mica electrical contractors who also give you expert service you need at a good price point, call Easy Electric.


Our licensed and bonded electrical contractors in Mica WA are ready to get your power running safely! Call Easy Electric at 509-714-8627 to tell us how we can help you today.