Latah Electrical Contractors

Those searching for Latah electrical contractors for work on their electrical system need a dependable company who won’t let them down.  Easy Electric is a company with electrical contractors in Latah WA dedicated to showing up on time, giving you fast service, and solving all your electrical repair needs.


Easy Electric Repairs and Services

As Latah electrical contractors, we have been asked to do it all when it comes to electrical repairs.  Our team has over 35 years of electrical experience to make sure that your property is powered safely and quickly. 

  • We have run electrical wires for new homes
  • Inspected rental properties for safety hazards
  • Installed can lights, new chandeliers, outdoor security lighting
  • Installed indoor and outdoor fans
  • Repaired circuit breakers
  • Installed electric vehicle chargers
  • Added on new circuits for electrical panels

We pride ourselves on being electrical contractors in Latah WA who can get you powered up quickly and safely!


Electrical Panel Repair Service

Many people never think about their electrical panel, but it’s the location of where all your power gets distributed in your home.  As a result, your electrical panel can be the source of many electrical problems that Latah electrical contractors must be able to resolve.


Easy Electric handles electrical panel repairs on a regular basis.  We will inspect the panel first to see if there are any issues.  Most arise because of age or overloading power to circuits that were not meant to handle all the power going to it.  If your circuits are tripping regularly, or your lights dim when using appliances, or the breakers are hot to the touch, you should call Easy Electric today because these are all signs that you need electrical panel repairs.  As electrical contractors in Latah WA, our chief goal is to make your home safer and more efficient.


In addition to our professional expertise, our “customer first” approach sets us apart from other electrical contractors in Latah WA.  We are committed to giving you the very best service and meeting your high expectations.  We are the Latah electrical contractors who give the expert service you need at a fair price.


If you are looking for electrical contractors in Latah WA we want to serve you!  Call Easy Electric for an estimate at 509-714-8627, and let us get started as your Latah electrical contractors today.