Greenacres Home Electrical Repair

Are you having trouble with the electrical system in your home or office?  Do you have malfunctioning switches or outlets?  Or problems with your wiring or lighting system?  If so, it sounds like you need home electrical repair in Greenacres WA.  We are Easy Electric, full-service electrical contractors, and our skilled electricians can help with all of your Greenacres home electrical repair!  As a licensed and insured electrical contractor, we perform repairs, give inspections, and install wiring and equipment for new construction.  Our goal is to go the extra mile with every customer by giving each project the same care we show to our own homes.


We are able to provide Greenacres home electrical repair for each component of your electrical system including:

• Electrical panels and outlets

• Wiring

• Light fixtures and switches


We take care of all these types of home electrical repair in Greenacres WA and more.


One common need for Greenacres home electrical repair concerns electrical outlets and switches.  If you have electrical switches that can’t turn on the lights, they obviously need to be replaced.  However, even working switches can need repair or replacing.  For example, if your switch occasionally gets stuck in mid-position, sparks, or is warm to the touch, it may be a safety hazard.  For your home electrical repair in Greenacres WA we will address all problem areas to make your electrical system safe and reliable.


Home electrical repair in Greenacres WA is offered by other companies as well, but our “customer first” approach sets Easy Electric apart from the rest.  If you need Greenacres home electrical repair, we put your needs first.  We are committed to giving you timely and exceptional service and fair, transparent pricing.


Make Easy Electric your choice for home electrical repair in Greenacres WA.  For an estimate, call us at 509-714-8627, and let us get started with your Greenacres home electrical repair today!