Dishman Electrical Contractors

Easy Electric is your Dishman electrical contractor who can take care of all your electrical needs.  Does your lighting leave more to be desired?  Do you have remodeling project that requires new wiring?  Are you planning on getting an electric vehicle charger for your garage?  Does your home or property need electrical inspection?  For electrical needs such as these, you need electrical contractors in Dishman WA who can deliver fast and quality service.


Easy Electric’s Most Sought After Services

Not all Dishman electrical contractors are the same.  We provide the whole range of electrical services from electrical repairs to new electrical installations.  Our master electricians have 35 years of experience and are fully licensed in the state of Washington to perform all the work of qualified electrical contractors.  We are able to…

  • Run new wiring in your home
  • Install new electrical panels or replace bad circuit breakers
  • Add new dimmer switches or electrical outlets
  • Install outdoor landscaping lighting
  • Update ceiling fans
  • Install efficient LED can lighting systems

Easy Electric has the electrical contractors in Dishman WA who can make your electrical repairs or installations easy for you the first time!


Lighting Systems

One common need for home and business owners is an upgrade for older lighting systems.  As Dishman electrical contractors, we can provide you with the right new lighting system.  We all remember when incandescent lights were standard, but you now have options for high-quality, energy efficient lighting.  Both halogen and LED systems, for example, save you money in the long term though reduced energy use and less frequent bulb changes.   We are also able to provide repairs and replacement for your current lighting system.  As electrical contractors in Dishman WA, our goal is to make your office or house safer, brighter, and more efficient.


What Sets Us Apart

There are, of course, a number of electrical contractors in Dishman WA.  We believe, though, that Easy Electric stands apart from our competition because of our “customer first” approach.  We dedicate ourselves to giving you exceptional service and meeting your high expectations.  Our expert service comes at the fair price you need from Dishman electrical contractors.


If you are looking for electrical contractors in Dishman WA we are here for you! Call for an estimate at 509-714-8627, and let Easy Electric get started as your Dishman electrical contractors today.